Sears model 70 water softener manual

KENMORE WATER SOFTENER Parts Model 6253484400

The Kenmore hh-efficiency water softener 38300 is a good choice for families up to 4 people with water hardness up to 35 grains per gallon.

Fixing a Sears Kenmore Water Softener The Baheyeldin

Is always a great resource to find the answers to your parts questions. I pushed in the bypass while in the bribe stage unplugged the hose to the Ventura and noticed a small suction but it still advances to the next stage and will not continue in the brine stage James: We are sorry for the slow response.

KENMORE <strong>WATER</strong> <strong>SOFTENER</strong> Parts <strong>Model</strong> 6253484400

Kenmore 38300 24 000 Grain Hh-Efficiency Water

Your Sears partsdirect expert will research your question and respond within two business days but usually sooner. I understand your concern and I will be happy to assist you. I am sorry you are having a problem with the water softener. To stop the water from flowing, push the bypass valve on the back of the unit. Here is an excellent web site ed Kenmore with the theory of operation and troubleshooting steps.


If your water softener is 10 years old or if you have a hh calcium level in your water, the water softeners resin bed may be fouled and needs to be cleaned or replaced. I recommend using resin bed cleaner on your water softener if you have not already done so to see if this makes a difference. I posted an image below that shows where the valve is located. It is animated and it is very clear to understand and use.

Sears model 70 water softener manual:

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