Samyung ais si-30 service manual

KOSDAQ Listed Company Korea Defense Industry Company

This ultra hh speed Class catamaran targeted this market niche with the desn specifiy optimized to ensure maximum fuel efficiency and speed at any given deadweht.

Navation plotter Samyung NAVIS-3700

As clear evidence of the success of this timeless “maximum fuel efficiency” desn philosophy, the vessel reached speeds of 53.8 knots during sea trials using only 21.6 MW of propulsive power.

KOSDAQ Listed Company Korea Defense Industry Company

Automatic Identification System - MARINE AIS FA100 Automatic.

This is a 232’ fast, fuel efficient, freht capable, Ro Pax Ferry Catamaran, built by Incat in 1995.


Following the delivery of the first twelve Incat wave piercing catamarans, ranging in length from 74-78 m, ferry operators in the Far East and South America sought even faster, yet more economical, vessels that could compete more effectively with air, land and sea transport infrastructure in coastal waters.

Samyung ais si-30 service manual:

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