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Minimum-Energy Path Generation for a Quadrotor UAV - Hal

An local system encodes previously decoded video data using a transcoding quantization value based on a source quantization value provided by a previous encoder as part of the retrieved video data.

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The transcoding quantization value can be determined additionally based the fullness of the video buffer of a target system, where a measure of the fullness can be obtained directly from the target system or modeled by the local system.

V 60 Hz AC Motors Datasheets Engineering360

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The video data is encoded by the local system and then provided to a target system for decoding and subsequent display and/or storage.

V 60 Hz AC Motors Datasheets Engineering360

, wherein the step of determining further includes determining the second quantization value based on a product value of a X scaling value and a Y scaling value, wherein the product value is raised to a power of Z where Z is less than one.

Pro 400 manual electrocraft:

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