Ohio school design manual 2011

District-Wide Physical Assessment Executive Summary

Those are the three snposts of what, for an increasing number of public school districts and private schools across the country, has come to define a so-ed “21st-Century School.” The pace at which K-12 schools are evolving has varied widely by district and state, depending on local demographics, funding, and preferred methods of pedagogy.

Ohio School Facilities Commission

Students use a quiet zone at Falcon Virtual Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., a $1.2 million adaptive reuse of an aging manufacturing warehouse.

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Home-schooled students, working students, and transitional students can use spaces within the facility when they need to work together on projects or seek instructional support from teachers.

The Ohio School Facilities Commission

Making changes in a district this size “is like trying to turn a battleship,” says Faz Ali, Senior Director of Planning and Desn.

Ohio school design manual 2011:

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