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Zonal marking is one way of defending corners, but another soccer tactic to coach is man-to-man, which involves your defenders selecting an attacking player and following them closely.

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Defenders must each pick an opponent according to their size and heading ability, and be in a position to see both the player and the ball.

How to coach, teach and use the basketball <i><i>man</i></i>-to-<i><i>man</i></i> <i>defenses</i>

How to coach, teach and use the basketball man-to-man defenses

A bit of both tactic Combining zonal marking with man-to-man allows key areas to be covered while marking man-to-man the opposition’s most dangerous attackers with your bgest, best headers.

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There are pros and cons for each one of the three corner defending tactics we’ve covered, but whichever one you choose – KEEP IT SIMPLE!

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