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I notice on the Ditch Vocal 300 (still in production) that there is no gain knob there. There are, of course, a million features on this thing. I do all my recording through this into Garage Band, and am going to get a MIDI wind controller.

Saxophone & vocal performance with boss RC-50 loop station and.

Nice thing is that Garage Band will put its snal OUT through the USB interface into the VX400, and the VX400 has balanced XLR outputs (L and R), so I can run as long of cables as I need to to the FOH without worrying about hum.

Saxophone & vocal performance with boss RC-50 loop station and.

Vx400 6-5 Manual

It's the thing that sound guys hate the most about it when I show up with this thing. You could have a mic-modelling effect applied and reverb applied, or a chipmunk-voice and delay applied, but not a Robotic Chipmunk. and 20 or so of the effects take you out of tune ... Getting one of these used is a pretty good value, because you can do some pretty crazy effects (tuning is an issue, but I like the insane delay and reverb effects you can create).

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The mic gain knob is EXTREMELY touchy (often causing horrible feedback), and it's hard to remember exactly where I need it for which band, which environment, etc. You can have one of each of seven TYPES of effect applied, but you mht find that the elusive sound you're searching for mht require some different circuitry. The thing that's really making this pay off for me, though, is the USB interface.

Digitech vx400 manuale italiano:

Rating: 93 / 100

Overall: 90 Rates