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Vx400 6-5 Manual

I use this both as a vocal processor and as a wind instrument processor (e.g., microphone in front of a flute, sax, etc.). One thing that makes the VX400 a bit fiddly is the gain knob at the mic input. This makes the pedal seem like more of a toy than a musical instrument. When you read about this product, you learn that you can tweak many of the settings, and this sometimes includes the pitch, but all the effects that take you off-key are useless, and that's about a quarter of the whole package (you can only adjust 41 of the 82 effects ... To make anything that's interesting and still in-key takes ENDLESS fiddling. Still requires a lot of fiddling when I'm recording, etc.

Ditech Vocal 300 Vocal Effects Processor Demo by Ozwald.

Very often, because I am the quietest thing in the room by a long shot (except maybe vocals), I have to be turned up to where my mic is pretty hot. I basiy use it as a USB interface and for reverb. Maybe it's just because I don't come from an effects-pedal background, but this took a loooong time with the manual to fure out.

Saxophone & vocal performance with boss RC-50 loop station and.

VX400 DiTech Guitar Effects

This is probably the most satisfied I have ever been in buying a music-oriented product.

DiTech VX400 Modeling Vocal Processor User Reviews zZounds

I notice on the Ditch Vocal 300 (still in production) that there is no gain knob there. There are, of course, a million features on this thing. I do all my recording through this into Garage Band, and am going to get a MIDI wind controller.

Digitech vx400 manuale italiano:

Rating: 88 / 100

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