Colchester student 3100 lathe manual

The model number of each lathe referred to its top speed that, in the case of the "Student 1800", was reached with a 2.2 k W (3 h.p.) motor and a direct drive by twin V belts into an all-geared, splash-lubricated headstock.

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As with older Student and Master Models the two lathes shared the vast majority of their components and had only small but nevertheless snificant differences in their specifications - all of which, in the case of the newer machines, centred on the headstock and drive system.

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2 Student 3100 Master Orinal 1930s/40s Master 2500 Triumph Mk. 2 Triumph 2000 Mascot - 1950s Mastiff 1400 Magnum Serial Numbers Outline of Colchester Range as Text Only Factory Testing Catalogue Covers Early Drive System Constructed in the style of the already established and very successful 7.5-inch centre heht Triumph 2000 and 8.5-inch Mascot 1600 models, the 6.5-inch (165 mm) centre heht Student 1800 (together with its close cousin the Master 2500), continued Colchester's traditional use of two names that had been synonymous with lathes of an almost perfect desn and capacity for both training and professional workshop use since the early 1950s.

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Colchester maintains a heritage that spans a century of lathe making with household names to choose from - Student, Master, Triumph, Mascot, Mastiff and Magnum turning lathes.

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