Butler roof system owner's maintenance manual

Lexus NX 300h — Opening, closing the windows and moon roof – 7.

Any time humidity creeps upward of 50%, should moisture-laden air permeate the vapor retarder and insulation and come into contact with the metal roof, there is the propensity for condensation to form." Manufacturing facilities and large structures like gymnasiums are particularly vulnerable to this kind of problem.

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"Buildings that house machines or an excessive amount of people can have trouble," Russ says.

The Standing Seam <em>Roof</em> <em>System</em>

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"Anything that dumps a lot of moisture into the air is a red flag." Also keep an eye out for mold and droplets developing on the surfaces of the roof assembly.

The Standing Seam Roof System

One of the easiest ways to mitate humidity is with basic ventilation, explains Russ.

Butler roof system owner's maintenance manual:

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