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Again, depending on your budget, you can forgo interconnects but you risk corroding your cable if you connect barewire.

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Bros, Let's compile a 2.0, 2.1, 4.1, 5.1 or hher speaker confuration list. Since sound is very very subjective, the purpose of this thread is not for argument so please restrain your thoughts but list out the "decent" speakers so that other forumers can go and audition it themselves.

<em>Altec</em> <em>Lansing</em> XA3051 5.1 Speaker System -

Altec Lancing 251 surround*no power repair* -

In no order of preference: 2.0 SPEAKERS Creative Inspire Monitors M85-D (#) Pic $139 Harman Kardon HK 19.5 speakers Pic JBL Compaq OEM speakers Pic Videologic Sirocco Spirit Pic 2.1 SPEAKERS Acoustic Energy Aego 2 Pic $299 Altec Lansing 621 Pic $199 Altec Lansing ATP3 Pic $99 Altec Lansing MX5021 (*) Pic $259 Creative Megaworks 250D (*, #) Pic $399 Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Classic (*) Pic $3xx Klipsch Promedia GMX A-2.1 Pic $348 Logitech Z-2200 (*) Pic [Not Available in SG] Videologic Sirocco Pro (#) Pic 4.1 SPEAKERS Altec Lansing 641 Pic $479 Altec Lansing ADA885 (*,#) Pic Altec Lansing ADA890 (*,#) $269 Pic Klipsch Promedia 4.1 (*) Pic $499 Klipsch Promedia 4.2 (*) Pic [Not Available in SG] Logitech Z-560 (*) Pic Videologic Sirocco Crossfire 4.1 Pic 5.1 SPEAKERS Acoustic Energy Aego 5 (#) Pic $1499 Creative Inspire 5300 Pic Creative Inspire GD580 (#) Pic $379 Creative Megaworks 550 (*) Pic $549 Creative Gaworks S700 (*) Pic [Not Available in SG] Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Classic (*) Pic $799 Klipsch Promedia GMX D-5.1 (#) Pic $688 Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 Pic [Not Available in SG] Logitech Z-5300 (*) Pic [Not Available in SG] Logitech Z680 (*,#) Pic [Not Available in SG] Midiland S4 8200 (#) Pic $399 7.1 SPEAKERS Creative Inspire T7700 Pic $289 Creative Gaworks S750 (*) Pic $949 * - THX-certified (Tomlinson Holman's e Xperiment) # - Either built-in decoder or dital speaker A list of THX-certified Multimedia products can be found here: Link Some sample illustrations on how to position THX-certified speakers: Link STANDALONE DECODERS Creative DDTS-100 Decoder Pic $279 Supports DD-EX/DD-PL2/DTS/DTS: NEO6/DTS-ES decoding. You will also need to find out the cable gauge that your speaker can accept.

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It is best that you can audition the cables from the shops that sell those cables.

Altec lansing ada885 service manual:

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