Teac a-3300sx service manual

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Now, lay the unit down on it’sface on top of a thick towel or blanket so as not to damage the tape reel spindles. On some units this is a metal black cover that wraps around onto thetop of the unit and on others it is just a wood cover on the back only.

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Once you get thisoff, you will be able to see inside of the unit.

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This can also cause thetape speed to be too fast at the beginning of the tapes and slow down near the end. On some models you will have to unscrew the silvercover cap.

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Youshould be able to lift the roller up and down freely. Next unscrew the silver collar around the capstan shaft and remove it and therubber or foam washer that is around the capstan shaft.

Teac a-3300sx service manual:

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