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Hi, I'd like to connect my somfy remote and somfy screen to domoticz. Best regards, Rene I have a reaction from Frank of RFLink.

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When I look in the logging of domoticz I see the following error: Error: RFLink: Unhandled switch type: RTSIf I connect RFLink to my laptop I see the following commands:all(1,2,3 and 4)20;0E; RTS; ID=554637; SWITCH=01; CMD=UP;20;0F; RTS; ID=554637; SWITCH=01; CMD=MY;20;10; RTS; ID=554637; SWITCH=01; CMD=DOWN;120;11; RTS; ID=514637; SWITCH=01; CMD=UP;20;12; RTS; ID=514637; SWITCH=01; CMD=MY;20;13; RTS; ID=514637; SWITCH=01; CMD=DOWN;220;14; RTS; ID=524637; SWITCH=01; CMD=UP;20;15; RTS; ID=524637; SWITCH=01; CMD=MY;20;16; RTS; ID=524637; SWITCH=01; CMD=DOWN;320;17; RTS; ID=534637; SWITCH=01; CMD=UP;20;18; RTS; ID=534637; SWITCH=01; CMD=MY;20;19; RTS; ID=534637; SWITCH=01; CMD=DOWN;420;1A; RTS; ID=544637; SWITCH=01; CMD=UP;20;1B; RTS; ID=544637; SWITCH=01; CMD=MY;20;1C; RTS; ID=544637; SWITCH=01; CMD=DOWN; It looks like RFLink can get the data and also translates it but Dooicz can;t use it because the device RTS is unknow. He explains that the code for receiving SOMFY is implemented in domoticz yesterday and that it will be soon available.

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The remote controls to manage from 1 up to 5 applications or 5 s of applications.

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