Printable manual for the robosapien v2

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Paper towels to wipe off gear grease from your hands. Small flathead screwdriver is useful for prying things off. 100% acetone (found in nail polish/nail care area of your local drug store) and q-tips.

WowWee RoboSapien Movement - EZ-Builder Manual -

I find these are useful for dissolving the rubbery glue that holds the connectors together.

RS Media Disassembly Instructions - RS

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You can test these out on some of the screws on the robot to get the rht size. You'll also need needle-nose pliers (long tip) in case a screw takes off for parts unknown.

WowWee Robosapien X

Model Car Glue just in case you accidentally break something. This is so you can mark the parts and keep track of what goes where.

Printable manual for the robosapien v2:

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