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First popular arcade games were early amusement park games such as shooting galleries, ball toss games, also earliest coin-operated machines, such as fortune tellers, strength testers or played mechanical musics.

Addams Family Special Collectors Edition, The - Pinball by.

Most arcade games are: coin-operated video games, redemption games, pinballs, casino games including slot machines, pachislots, pathos online, pachinkos.

IPSNDThe <em>Addams</em> <em>Family</em>, <em>Midway</em> <em>Mfg</em>. Co. a subsidiary of WMS.

Addams Family Values redemption game by Midway Mfg. Co. 1994

Also bat games, bingos, gun games, bowlers/shuffle alleys, jukeboxes, musical instruments, trade stimulators, fortune tellers, strength testers, kiddie rides, allwins, working models, vending machines, pool tables, viewers, shockers, scales & more...

IPSNDThe Addams Family Special Collectors Edition, Midway.

In addition to restaurants and arcades, arcade games were also found in bowling alleys, college campuses, dormitories, laundromats, movie theaters, super, shopping malls, airports, truck stops, bar/pubs, hotels, and even bakeries.

Midway mfg co addams family manual:

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