Linksys sipura spa-2100 manual

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But OTOH the SPA-3102 has all these benefits over the 2100: 1) Newer desn (which hopefully means it will be supported longer).

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2) Ability to fully access/use/control a real phone line (or anything that mimics a phone line, including another Vo IP adapter), in addition to Vo IP, from the adapter.

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This also means you can do things like route some s (911, local s, toll free s, etc) via your existing telco line (if you still have one) while still using Vo IP for cheap s elsewhere (all from the "phone" attached to the adapter).

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At this point, the 2100 has only these two advantages over the newer 3102: 1) The 2100 is a few dollars cheaper.

Linksys sipura spa-2100 manual:

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