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When you plug it in, onscreen instructions lead you through connecting to your wireless network.

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Our only gripes are that Kodak has opted for an alphabetic instead of QWERTY keyboard layout, and that it refused to connect to our router if the snal strength was below 30 per cent.

Review Polaroid,Dital <i>Photo</i> <i>Frame</i>,XSU-01030E - GadgetSpeak

Review Polaroid,Dital Photo Frame,XSU-01030E - GadgetSpeak

Unusually for a screen this small, the touch capabilities are achieved via infrared sensors around the edges of the display, rather than a resistive or capacitive screen.

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However, we found it was responsive enough and it made the Pulse very easy to use compared to frames with traditional buttons – which are often on the rear to keep the frame attractive. Aside from the frame, there's just a mains adaptor in the box.

Kodak pulse digital photo frame manual:

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