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The Immunology external user guide - Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The product of a world center of excellence in teaching and medical and surgical practice, second edition of a bestseller combines the advantages of a colour atlas with those of a short textbook covering clinical features, epidemiology, investations, and differential diagnosis.

Nursing Nursing Nursing - Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's.

Illustrations include clinical photos, imaging, charts, graphs, and histology where appropriate.

The <strong>Great</strong> <strong>Ormond</strong> <strong>Street</strong> colour handbook of paediatrics and child.

Practices in Children's Nursing Guidelines for

Emergency Medicine David Inwald and Mark Peters Child Protection Deborah Hodes and Alice Armitage Infectious Diseases Vas Novelli, Delane Shingadia, and Huda Al-Ansari Respiratory Medicine Colin Wallis, Helen Spencer, and Sam Sonnappa Cardiology Michael Burch and Sian Pincott Dermatology Veronica Kinsler and John Harper Ophthalmology Ken K Nischal Neurology Fenella Kirkham, Adnan Manzur, and Stephanie Robb Gastroenterology Susan Hill and Keith Lindley Renal Diseases Stephen D Marks Haematology Owen P Smith and Ian Hann Oncology Gill Levitt and Olga Slater Endocrinology Mehul Dattani and Catherine Peters Metabolic Disorders Stephanie Grunewald, Alex Broomfield, and um Wilson Genetics Jane Hurst and Richard Scott Immunology Stephan Strobel and Alison Jones Rheumatology Clarissa Pilkington, Kiran Nistala, Helen Lachman, and Paul Brogan Neonatal and General Paediatric Surgery Lewis Spitz and Joe Curry Otorhinolaryngology Chris Jephson and C Martin Bailey Plastic Surgery Jonathan Britto, Neil Bulstrode, David Dunaway, Paul Morris, Branavan Sivakumar, Gill Smith, Guy Thorburn, and Loshan Kangesu Orthopaedics and Fractures Deborah M Eastwood Urology Naima Smeulders and Pierre D E Mouriquand Allergic Diseases Adam Fox, George Du Toit and Stephan Strobel Index Praise for the First Edition:"It is beyond comparison with any other textbook available in the market.

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This is the best paediatric book I have seen in my 24-year paediatric career …

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