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34 comments on the from Aug 27, 2008, titled Euro-Pro res Bravetti Stainless Steel DEEP FRYER---CDA.. A gentleman told me that they do not have a list of places to have the fryer repair.

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In it, that: Aug 27---Euro-Pro res Bravetti Stainless Steel DEEP FRYER---CDA. He wanted me to order a part and they would try to tell me over the phone how to repair my own fryer. Bought a second Bravetti Platinum Pro Deep Fryer as the first one just died after using it for about six times and because we are not a b fry family we had it for a year before this happened and the second one has done the same thing after about 10 uses.

<strong>Platinum</strong> <strong>Pro</strong> EQ <strong>User</strong> Guide - Fishman

Platinum Pro EQ User Guide - Fishman

What is up with that the element inside the fryer just quits working.

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You are a genius -- we were going to throw out our deep fryer after only 6 or 7 uses because it would not heat up anymore and the warranty was expired.

Bravetti platinum pro f1066h user manual:

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