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Our Tower Clock First Congregational Church of

Howard #89 self-winding master clock with two secondary clock circuits and four bell circuits, in dark ash case.

Clock Manual - First Congregational Church

Orinally installed circa 1904 at Roxbury Hh School, in Boston's Roxbury section.

Winding <em>Tower</em> <em>Clock</em> E. <em>Howard</em> and Co. -

E Howard Instructions, care of tower clock -

was famous for hh grade watches, clocks, tower and street clocks. Howard Watch & Clock Company was formed on December 1, 1881 to succeed an earlier firm of similar name founded by Edward Howard (1813–1904). About 1843, with a third partner, Luther Stephenson, they began to also manufacture tower clocks. Davis left the firm and Howard & Davis was dissolved and was succeeded by E.

E Howard Clock Company National Repair Center

Davis, manufacturing hh-grade wall clocks under the name of Howard & Davis in 1842.

Tower clock manual e howard:

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