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I'm in the process of moving away from Windows and I've been trying (without success) to get software to monitor & control my APC Smart-UPS under Ubuntu (9.04) I downloaded the Linux version of APC's "Power Chute" app from their website (pbeagent-8.0.1-609.i386.rpm) but I can't find a way to install this.

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The instructions say I should enter "rpm -i pbeagent-xxx.i386.rpm" in terminal, but (even using sudo and the correct path!

Why mht the LEDs on my Back-<strong>UPS</strong> or <strong>Smart</strong>-<strong>UPS</strong> SC be flashing.

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I know the serial cable & comms are OK, because Power Chute runs fine from Windows.

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Apcupsd doesn't recognise the UPS at all, possibly because it expects to find a network-connected UPS??

Smart ups sc620 manual:

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