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But a resort or a campground would make that much in three days or less. But what about decent affordable housing for people who don’t desire to live in oversized homes?

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Tiny house communities as residences don’t exist because business people can make way more money creating a campground or cabin resort instead. Those who have the money to build such communities would rather see better returns. A little house in a community would rent for, let’s say, $600 a month in a good area.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about tiny house communities lately. It’s still a good thing because it’s showing people how such a community would look and feel like. ”Sure, there are zoning and codes against them but these things truly have become the norm. Isn’t that why “normal” people usually freak out when they hear that we want to live in a tiny house? We can’t just put a tiny house smack in the middle of a nehborhood where 2,000 square foot homes are normal because they will all freak out.

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It’s a frustrating subject because none really exist yet. And hopefully this will get somebody that has the funds (and the heart) interested enough to do it. And then we’ll hate living there because everyone will hate us.

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