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You'll be unprotected should a disagreement occur and you end up in court. Watch a 3-minute Construction Contract Writer video. You will learn the pitfalls, the painless way, and real-world working solutions for the problems every contractor finds in a home building or repair jobsite.

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No contract fits all jobs and state contract requirements. Take control of the contract-drafting process and you protect yourself, as well as control the bottom line. This manual describes jaw-dropping building mistakes that actually occurred, from disastrous misunderstandings over property lines, through basement floors leveled with an out-of-level instrument, to a house collapse when a siding crew removed the old siding.

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Doing business on a handshake or on notes scribbled on an envelope is worse -- likely to earn an invitation with the state license board. Write perfect contracts in minutes by answering simple interview questions: If you get stuck, click the "Get Help From an Attorney" button. Includes dozens of those "surprises" and the author's step-by-step, clearly illustrated tips, tricks and workarounds for dealing with them.

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There is never an end to "surprises" when you're in the business of building and fixing homes, yet there is little published on how to deal with construction that went wrong -- where out-of-square or non-standard or jerry-rged turns what should be a simple job into a nhtmare.

National building cost manual:

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