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Accurately forecasting the cost of future projects is vital to the survival of any business or organization contemplating future construction.

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You'll be unprotected should a disagreement occur and you end up in court. Watch a 3-minute Construction Contract Writer video. You will learn the pitfalls, the painless way, and real-world working solutions for the problems every contractor finds in a home building or repair jobsite.

<i>National</i> Painting <i>Cost</i> Estimator 2017 -

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No contract fits all jobs and state contract requirements. Take control of the contract-drafting process and you protect yourself, as well as control the bottom line. This manual describes jaw-dropping building mistakes that actually occurred, from disastrous misunderstandings over property lines, through basement floors leveled with an out-of-level instrument, to a house collapse when a siding crew removed the old siding.

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Doing business on a handshake or on notes scribbled on an envelope is worse -- likely to earn an invitation with the state license board. Write perfect contracts in minutes by answering simple interview questions: If you get stuck, click the "Get Help From an Attorney" button. Includes dozens of those "surprises" and the author's step-by-step, clearly illustrated tips, tricks and workarounds for dealing with them.

National building cost manual:

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