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A Guide to Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis and Detection Sai.

Dysregulation of lnc RNAs has recently been linked to multiple human diseases, especially cancer [1].

A baculovirus-mediated strategy for full-length plant virus coat.

Identifying RNA-bound transcription factors is especially challenging due to inefficient RNA immunoprecipitation and low abundance of many transcription factors.

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Here we describe a hy sensitive, user-friendly, and inexpensive que ed RATA (RNA-associated transcription factor array), which utilizes a MS2-aptamer pulldown strategy coupled with transcription factor activation arrays for identification of transcription factors associated with a nuclear RNA of interest.

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RATA requires only ~5 million cells and standard molecular biology reagents for multiplexed identification of up to 96 transcription factors in 2–3 d.

Mini protean tetra cell transfer manual:

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