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PAGEr EX Gel Protocol

RATA requires only ~5 million cells and standard molecular biology reagents for multiplexed identification of up to 96 transcription factors in 2–3 d.

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Thus, RATA offers snificant advantages over other technologies for analysis of RNA-transcription factor interactions.

A baculovirus-mediated strategy for full-length plant virus coat.

Measuring Procaspase-8 and -10 Processing upon Apoptosis.

Abbreviations used: AR, androgen receptor; Ch IRP, chromatin isolation by RNA purification; IP, immunoprecipitation; lnc RNA, long non-coding RNA; MS, mass spectrometry; PBS, phosphate buffered saline; RAP, RNA antisense purification; RATA, RNA-associated transcription factor array; RIP, RNA binding protein purification coupled with reverse transcription; RNA-IP, RNA immunoprecipitation; TF, transcription factor; TFIID, transcription factor II DLong non-coding RNAs (lnc RNAs) regulate critical cellular processes and their dysregulation contributes to multiple diseases.

RATA A method for hh-throughput identification of RNA bound.

Although only a few lnc RNAs have defined mechanisms, many of these characterized lnc RNAs interact with transcription factors to regulate gene expression, suggesting a common mechanism of action.

Mini protean tetra cell transfer manual:

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