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They're likely a little warm but SEEM safe in my gun. of 2400, and enough card wads for wad column heht....crimp...try..are at your own risk for trying any unpublished load, or exceeding this level of powder....every gun can be different, but this one has worked in many styles of 410s that I own.....write me back D. Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to ask you where I can find a .410 slug casting tool.

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I can't recommend them because I haven't had them pressure tested. (There are some companies that have casting tools for gauge 12 but none for .410).

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If I get the bugs worked out I'll send it to "info".

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For what its worth, I've been using standard loads of H110 (IMR4227 wasn't burning cleanly) intended for 1/2 oz of shot. .395 balls are too tht Try .375 ball, loaded over 12 gr.

Lee reloading manual 2nd edition uk:

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