Doctrine and covenant student manual

Section 51 Gospel Doctrine

“I believe that today’s youth have an advantage because they get a more consistent approach between seminary, lessons in Young Women and Young Men, and Sunday School than they ever have in the past.

New LDS Church history seminary manual addresses sensitive.

They’re being well-prepared for the temple and are learning to rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ.

The <strong>Doctrine</strong> & <strong>Covenants</strong> - Feast upon the Word

Doctrine and Covenants Section TITLES - The Red Headed Hostess

The new Church History manuals — one for teachers and one for home-study students — come after the release of a new Book of Mormon seminary manual in 2013 and precede new manuals for the Old Testament (2015) and New Testament (2016).

Doctrine & Covenants Lesson 5 - Mormon Sunday School

“Everyone feels the urgency now to prepare these young people,” said Robert Lund, manager of seminary curriculum.

Doctrine and covenant student manual:

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