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Performance Because the Hopper's AV performance is dictated by the individual broadcast you've chosen to enjoy I'm not going to comment on its AV acuity, but rather break down its main features and discuss how they work and whether or not they're worthwhile, starting with Primetime Anytime.

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Primetime Anytime Primetime Anytime is arguably one of Dish's most touted features at the moment.

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First, Primetime Anytime uses one of the Hopper's internal tuners, so while it can record multiple streams at once via the major networks, it leaves you with only two available tuners to record things elsewhere on other channels at the same time.

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Once inside the folder, you're treated to a sort of cover flow, with each show possessing its own unique hh-res artwork, listed in alphabetical order.

Dish network hd dvr manual:

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