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(ASHRAE) The modern day definition of air-conditioning was created in the early 20th century based on the vision and works of Hermann Rietschel, Alfred Wolff, Stuart Cramer, and Willis Carrier. Wilson developed the first holistic definition of what air-conditioning encompasses.

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Cramer, a textile engineer in North Carolina, is credited with coining the phrase "air-conditioning" in 1906. The Orinal Definition of Air-Conditioning , March (p.55) Though he did not actually invent air-conditioning nor did he take the first documented scientific approach to applying it, Willis Carrier is credited with integrating the scientific method, engineering, and business of this developing technology and creating the industry we know today as air-conditioning.

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Today's HVAC&R engineer, or mechanical engineer of record (MER), continues to be a steward of the basic discipline issues identified by Mr. Roles have expanded, though, to address more modern quality of life issues.


ASHRAE offers the current vision of the MER's stewardship responsibilities: to improve the quality of life by helping keep indoor environments comfortable and productive; by helping to deliver healthy food to consumers; and by helping to preserve the outdoor environment.

Ashrae fundamentals hvac control systems manual:

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