Amcor plm 12000eh manual

Amcor ALW12000E / ALW-12000E Portable Air Conditioner

I faxed them the information and we'll see what happens.

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There is no information in the manual as to what kind of a filter is supposed to come with the unit. I've searched on-line and can't come up with any information. I've only used this unit once and not even on a really hot day. Despite what they claim -- you do have to hook up a drain to this unit.

<em>Amcor</em> PLM12000EH / <em>PLM</em>-<em>12000EH</em> Portable Air Conditioner

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From the Manufacturer: This 9,000 BTU portable air conditioner is compact and cools areas up to 400 sq. Easily portable, it can be moved from the office to the living room to the bedroom.

Amcor PLM12000EH / PLM-12000EH Portable Air Conditioner

The unit is simple to run, has electronic controls and an 8 hour timer. The dehumidifier feature removes up to 40 pints of water from the air per day. It is impossible to get any parts from these people and their customer service is horrible. Assembled the unit and discovered that the filter was missing.

Amcor plm 12000eh manual:

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