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I found one solution that indicated there was trouble with the EGR ( exhaust gas recircultor ) sensor was not functioning. I reset the alarms and my problem wasfixed so far anyway.

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The inside door handle probably broke inside the door where you can see it , very common , plastic parts .

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Usually close or mounted the the charcoal canister. So where I have found are, Under the brake master cylinder, close the the charcoal canister, on the canister, on the back of the fuel tank passenger side , and behind the drivers side rear tire inner fender well. The solution to the 'stablitrack alarm and check engine alarm' may not make sense, at least it didn't make sense to me.

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q=Where is the fuse for the rear defroster on an 03 trailblazer&biw=1360&bih=650&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ah UKEwj-xrz T8rf QAh XH7SYKHWDVCx QQs AQIKQ#tbm=isch&q=How many quarts of oil for a 2008 equinox 4.5 liter Hope this helps, but you may want to also check your owners manual.

2005 chevy equinox owners manual download:

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