1984 chevy k10 owners manual

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I'm torn between the fairly common sm465 muncie, and an nv4500 5speed. Anyone who can give me some advice would be a hero at this point. answered about a year ago It's possible but very difficult & with 454 engine mounts & manual trans linkage & clutch parts like clutch peddle mounts, trans cross member, clutch fork & clutch fork frame mounts & clutch linkage, & probably a different length drive shaft?

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The engine I'm hoping to buy is out of an 86' 1 ton, and it has a 2wd 465 (un-usable I think since its 2wd) I've heard the 454 isn't hard, but what about the manual swap? I have a slht feeling that I could use all the 86's parts, except the transmission? A same model doner truck is needed to forgo all the "welded-in" parts you would have to buy.

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I'd like to swap a 454 in, and since its apart, add a manual as well.

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This is a restoration project / toy that I intend to make a great truck and an even better learning experience.

1984 chevy k10 owners manual:

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