Yaqin mc-100b kt88 manual

Yaqin MC-100b schematic diagram - Page 14

Given the considerable weht of the amplifier (23 kg), I started to wonder how this delicate base is able to maintain ridity and does not bend when moving the amplifier .


This is how the amplifier looks after removing the flap of the bread container- the excuse - after removing the protecting cover.

<strong>YAQIN</strong> <strong>MC-100B</strong> <strong>KT88</strong> Tube INTEGRATED


They are desned to change the operating mode of the amplifier - between triode (TR) on ultralinear (UL) mode. Time to reveal the mystery of ridity of the chassis. These screws, and there are a total of 32 of them , are very important. I have to warn against careless lifting of the amplifier in that form.

Yaqin MC-100B Nice Amp!

Two critical remarks come to my mind at this point : Between the output tubes and output transformers, you can see four pairs of test sockets, which, in conjunction with four potentiometers accessible through the holes located near the output tubes allow adjustment of the tubes current (biasing). A bias adjustment usually requires removing bottom cover and reverse an amplifier bottom up. It reminds me old good classics like Radford or Ranaissance. After thtening, the lower shield behaves as if it were literally welded to the chassis. More readable version can be obtained by clicking the mouse on F. It is worth to confront elements from the schematic with the elements in the photographs.

Yaqin mc-100b kt88 manual:

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