Yaqin mc-100b kt88 manual

Yaqin MC-100b schematic diagram - Page 14

Note: The manufacturer recommends that you switch off the amplifier when you change the position of the inputs switch.

Yaqin MC-100B - Manual - Stereo Integrated

From the side it can be seen that the chassis of the amplifier has a large upper surface with a small heht.

<strong>Yaqin</strong> <strong>MC-100B</strong> Nice Amp!


Two critical remarks come to my mind at this point : Between the output tubes and output transformers, you can see four pairs of test sockets, which, in conjunction with four potentiometers accessible through the holes located near the output tubes allow adjustment of the tubes current (biasing). A bias adjustment usually requires removing bottom cover and reverse an amplifier bottom up. It reminds me old good classics like Radford or Ranaissance. After thtening, the lower shield behaves as if it were literally welded to the chassis. More readable version can be obtained by clicking the mouse on F. It is worth to confront elements from the schematic with the elements in the photographs.

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From the top, you can see even more, like an amplifier gains it's look when the cover is removed. The manufacturer notes that before changing the operating mode, the amplifier has to be turned off and both channels should work in the same mode. You can see two additional rubber feet and an impressive set of screws . They serve, in addition to two extra legs, an important role in stiffening the base. Before you look inside the amplifier is worth looking at the schematic diagram. Unscrewing the lower cover makes the chassis behaves like a "rubber" and begins to bend in different directions .

Yaqin mc-100b kt88 manual:

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