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However the Global System Tamper will typiy only be used with normally closed operation, with EOL operation the tamper link would usually be left in place.

Veritas R8 Manual Installation -

Speaker Connections This output can be used for driving up to one 16Ω or two 8Ω loudspeakers as shown below: , The total load including the built-in speaker must not be less than 16Ω (e.g. The polarity of extension speakers is usually unimportant, however, the polarity of the L/S terminals is indicated by a and -.

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Veritas R8 OLD Installation Manual

Fure 4 - Wiring the Global System Tamper , The control panel is supplied with a link fitted across the Global System Tamper to simulate a closed circuit.

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This link would usually be removed during installation.

Veritas r8 plus installation manual:

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