Stihl bt 121 parts manual

When the cutting gets tough, the tough get the STI HT 131.

If the drill jams in the ground, the release lever turns towards the operator's thh.

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Fuel cap replaces Sti 0000-350-0525 0000-350-0533 0000-350-0535 00, 00 00 Fits Sti Models 020 020T 021 023 024 025 026 029 034 036 039 044 046 088 BG45 BG55 BG85 BT45 MC200 MS171 MS181 MS192 MS200 MS200T MS210 MS211 MS230 MS240 MS250 MS260 MS270 MS280 MS290 MS310 MS311 MS340 MS341 MS360 MS361 MS362 MS380 MS381 MS390 MS391 MS440 MS441 MS460 MS780 MS880 SH55 SH85 BR500 BR550 BR600 FC100 FC110 FC90 FR130T FS100 FS100R FS100RX FS110 FS110R FS110X FS110RX FS130 FS130R FS310 FS130R FS310 FS87 FS87R FS90 FS90R 100 100K 90 95 95K HT100 HT101 HT130 HT131 KM100 KM100R KM110R KM130 KM130R KM90 KM90R SP90 SP90TReplaces Sti 4126-358-7700, 41 4126-358-7762, 41 Fits Sti models FC72 edger; FR106 SEA, FR108, FR108 SEA, FR88SEA, FS108, FS48, FS50, FS51, FS52, FS45, FS56, FS61, FS61 RE, FS62, FS62 R, FS66, FS66 R, FS72, FS74, FS76, FS81, FS86 and FS88 trimmers Replaces Sti 0000-930-2803 = hose and grommet and 0000-989-0516 grommet only Fits Sti Models 009 010 011 012 020 030 031 038 041 044 050 051 064 066 075 076 BG56 BG66 BG86 BR320 BR340 BR380 BR400 BR420 BR500 BR550 BR600 BT360 BR45 FC100 FC110 FC44 FC56 FC70 FC75 FC85 FC90 FC95 FH75 FR130 FR220 FR85 FS100 FS110 FS130 FS160 FS180 FS20 FS220 FS280 FS290 FS310 FS36 FS40 FS410 FS44 FS50 FS56 FS70 FS85 FS87 FS90 FT100 100 75 90 95 HS45 HS72 HS74 HS75 HS76 HS80 HS81 HS85 HS86 HT100 HT101 HT130 HT131 HT56 HT70 HT75 KA85 KM100 KM110 KM130 KM56 KM85 KM90 KR85 KW85 MC200 MS171 MS181 MS192 MC200 MS210 MS211 MS230 MS250 MS270 MS280 MS380 MS381 MS640 MS650 MS660 P835 P840 SH56 SH86 SP400 SP450 SP81 SP85 SP90 SR320 SR340 SR400 SR420 SR430 SR450 TS350 TS400 TS410 TS420 TS460 TS50 TS510 TS700 TS760 TS800 and others Replaces Sti 00 0000-350-6201 Fits Sti Models BT120C BT121 BT121Z FR350 FR450 FR480 FR480C-F FS120 FS200 FS200R FS250 FS250R FS300 FS350 FS400 FS400K FS400L FS450 FS450K FS450KZ FS450L FS450Z FS480 FS480K FS480KW FS480KWZ FS480KZ FS480L FS480W FS480Z FT250 HT250 MS261 MS271 MS291 SP200 SP200Z SP400 SP450 SP451 SP481 Note Will also Replace Sti 4112-350-1100 41 Pump Housing that is now obsolete Used on FS80 but you will have to zip tie it in place.

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Replaces 4130-350-6200 41 Fits Sti Models 021 023 025 BT120 BT121 FC44 FR350 FR450 FR480 FS120 FS200 FS250 FS300 FS350 FS36 FS40 FS400 FS44 FS450 FS480 FS500 FS550 FT250 MS181 MS192 MS210 MS230 MS250 SP200 SP400 SP450Oil cap replaces Sti 0000-350-0526 0000-350-0537 00, 00 Fits Sti Models 021 023 024 025 026 034 036 HT100 HT101 HT130 HT131 HT250 HT56 HT70 HT73 HT75 HTKM HTE60 MC200 MS171 MS181 MS192 MS192T MS200 MS200T MS210 MS211 MS230 MS240 MS250 MS260 MS261 MS340 MS360 MS381This is for a brand new replacment Sti tank vent. This tank vent fits on several Sti models:021, 023, 025, 028, 028WB, 029, 038, 038FB, 039, 042, 048, and some MS290, MS310 and MS390 saws.

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This is possible with the STI BT 121 one-man earth auger.

Stihl bt 121 parts manual:

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