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Check the impedance on the rear of the speakers and then check the back of the receiver..receiver will say on the back what the minimum impedance for each speaker should be..the receiver says min of 8 ohms per speaker and you are running 4 ohm speakers, then the impedance is mismatched and this will eventually burn up the amplifier in the receiver go in blue ray dvd menu as dvd is playing and select the audio out formatt u wann use has to be on 6.1 or least 5.1 dital not 2.o ch ok and u may be seding the dital with the hdmi outs not both be hard for it to do doe syour tv had dital opti out run that to reivciver on dital input ok tell blue ray options menu also dital oput bitrate ok This message indicates that a problem was detected in the amp.


In order to prevent any further damage to the amp or the speakers, the outputs are turned off. Dan Hi Ted, First of all, thank you for posting your question here at "Protector/Protect" is an error code for out-of-regulation condition either on the power supply board and/or on the Sound output circuitry.

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I've encountered this kind of symptoms not only on Sony home audio sound system but in almost known brands and the faulty parts are the same smoothing/filter electrolytic capacitor.

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This is very common most especially on older unit because the capacitor begin to dried up resulting to voltage/audio out-of-regulation.

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