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Meath, Ireland; excavations will be undertaken at the Black Friary (Trim) from May 22 - August 11 2017.


I.; De Paul University); and Dr Stephen Mandal, MIAI PGeo Eur Geol (Program Director)The Irish Archaeological Field School 2017 summer research programme will focus on archaeological excavations in Co.

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Plans for the upcoming 2017 investations include expanding on the excavation area to the north of the limits of the known buildings to explore the northern range, where a potential second or outer precinct may be present, and to further explore the use of the site by the local Catholic population as an expression of native resistance in Post-Dissolution Ireland.

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The site was almost completely razed to the ground as a result of Henry VIII’s Act of Dissolution, however ongoing investation is slowly revealing the extent of the survival of the below ground remains including cemeteries and later unsanctioned burials.

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