Netopia 3347-02 adsl2 wireless router manual

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He said they are usually for buisness users, but work also for residential. My question is what are the steps and information (settings) i'll need to know to swap out the modems? I'm not sure if I know my bellsouth (or att) email and password because I never use it. Thanks, Kenneth The 3347 is easy to setup but you must know your email address and password they are used for the pppoe You may not need to change any of the default settings of the 3347 but you must know your email address and passwordthanks wayjac...


That allowed me to be back up and running as before without having to reconfure my laptops and other devices I had connected to the modem wirelessly. I'm not back up and running for a couple of days now with no problems so far, and have not seen the first drop of sync to DSL yet..

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(keeping fingers crossed.)Ken I have been on the line with AT&T support 2 times in the past month to try to resolve random (but frequent) dsl connection loss problems.

Administrator's Handbook for the Motorola 3347 - Educational.

Restarted computer so those settings would take effect. (I confured wireless using same SSID name and key code I was using before on the 2 wire) ..

Netopia 3347-02 adsl2 wireless router manual:

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