Liebert mini-mate 2 parts manual

Liebert Mini-Mate2 2 & 3 Tons User Manual - Vertiv

Needless to say having the A/C running and doing what we wanted it to by programming it ourselves added some cooling comfort. we’re a controls integrator and were running our unit off a stand alone thermostat. The Cool Factor wasn’t about temperature though, it was that we could now play with the unit and get email alarms if we wanted to and not have to hear the stupid Liebert Thermostat blaring beeps every time the compressor short cycles because it’s getting too cold, too fast. So I knew very little about any sequences to this unit and most of the time neither will you if you are walking up on an existing unit of a small project where no engineers are involved.


Some people would argue that Sequences of Operation are the most important thing to know when programming a controls system.

<em>Liebert</em> <em>Mini-Mate2</em> 8 Tons User <em>Manual</em> - Vertiv

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They would say knowing what the engineer’s intent for the use of the system or piece of equipment and the capabilities of the unit are key to providing an efficient and capable controls system.

Liebert Mini-Mate2 8 Tons User Manual - Vertiv

Then it is up to you as the controls guy to fure out any better ways to accomplish the same effect and add in atleast one of these things: In our little Liebert Mini Mate retrofit we fured we hit on two of the above bullet points; Added Comfort and Cool Factor.

Liebert mini-mate 2 parts manual:

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