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Wife needs this Gateway Solo 2500 for a presentation. What issues are you having with the computer that make you think you need to replace the cmos battery?

Full text of Gateway Laptop Service Manual SOLO 5300 USER." />

Full text of "Gateway Laptop Service Manual SOLO 5300 USER.

Computer needs new cmos b5787 How deep do I need to go to find location of cmos Is it "relatively" simple to replace with a new b5787 or is there some kind of security clip or something otherwise difficult to do? However, not the regular battery that needs to be replaced, perhaps I am using the wrong term. In order to find and replace it you would likely need to disassemble most of the computer.

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Thanks If you do a google search for B5787, all information just points to your main battery... There should be a slide clip on the bottom of the case (maybe a couple screws as well), that will unlock the battery and then you can slide it out, and replace it with a new battery. The computer needs to have the little battery that is used to tell the computer how to boot up once the power on button is pressed. The battery is about the size of a nickel and would be located on either the top or bottom side of the motherboard.

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