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The Glock 9 millimeter family of pistols are versatile polymer frame based semiautomatic auto-loading handguns, desned for duty carry as either a concealed or openly carried sidearm.

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They are based on a "striker fired" desn in which the cartridge primer is struck by a spring powered rod as opposed to a firing pin and hammer, leading to simplification in desn and implementation.

Gun Manufactures and <strong>Manuals</strong> for Vintage and Modern Guns

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The three models available are the full size Glock 17, with a 17 round magazine capacity; the compact Glock 19 with a 15 round capacity, and the sub-compact Glock 26 with a 9 round capacity.

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Most Glocks issued are of the compact Glock 19 model, which is comparable in accuracy and range to the M9 Beretta.

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