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And Toyota’s aim for Celica to become a global sales success were clearly indicated by the fact it was one of the first Japanese cars to comfortably accommodate people with six-foot frames.

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The Toyota Celica’s history can be traced back to the first year of the decade, launching as a two-plus-two coupé derivative of the new Carina in December 1970 – a Liftback model followed from April ’73 – and it was evident that Celica’s styling was influenced by its American counterparts.

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The quality and consistency of its manufacturing were of particular note, becoming the first Japanese car to use state-of-the-art robotic assembly to elevate it above its contemporaries.


Spanning seven-generations and 35 years, the Toyota Celica’s history is a fascinating look at how Toyota’s remarkable go-anywhere, do-anything sports car broke new ground, transformed to meet contemporary needs and established itself as a true global sales success and motorsport icon.

1995 toyota celica owners manual:

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