Scosche digital fm transmitter manual

Scosche F5 tuneIN - Universal FM Transmitter

The Scosche F4 RA transmitter, for around $20.00, provided a bit of extra fun if a short wire (say, a quarter wavelength, for example) is attached to the negative battery terminal. As the circuit diagram shows, the manufacturer used a common, cost-cutting shortcut of connecting the antenna to the audio cable for a handy antenna and connected the RF ground to the ground bus on the PC board.

Scosche Universal FM Transmitter Canadian

As this was intended to be a battery powered device, that should be the end of it.

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Add a battery eliminator made from a recycled cell phone charger and you have an instant 24/7 operation.

Low Power Radio Scosche F4 transmitter

The RF out is cleaned up with a capacitor / inductor first order filter before connecting to the audio cable and the RF ground ends at the bus.

Scosche digital fm transmitter manual:

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