Problem pen manual marking on pcb

Understanding PCB Manufacturing Silk-Screening

Then rub down the Seno dry transfer over the sketch using an artwork spatula (RA609).

Pcb desn using proteus - SlideShare

Ideally print the artwork via a Laser printer onto Laser Star film, (100-062), or on an Inkjet Printer with Jet Star Premium film (100-075).

<em>Pcb</em> desn using proteus - SlideShare

Mega-UK - Producing a PCB

If the software allows print a mirror image of the circuit as this will ensure the black areas of the artwork will be in contact to the PCB's Photoresist during UV exposure.

The Gerber Guide PCB Desn Magazine -

If the circuit is to be desned manually then lay a piece of translucent drafting film over a grid (both supplied in an RA60 drafting pack.

Problem pen manual marking on pcb:

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