Powerex mh-c9000 battery charger manual

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I will spare you repetition of specs/marketing information and give you my impressions of this device compared to the La Crosse BC-900.

Maha PowerEx MH-C204W 1-Hour Conditioning AA/AAA

If you want to see specs and menu screen captures, go to the East Gear site or download the manual (see link below). It is considerably larger than the BC-900 and therefore less portable. The LCD screen is b and easy to read even in the dark (it’s backlit).

Maha <i>Powerex</i> MH-C800S Eht AA/AAA Smart <i>Charger</i>

Powerex Battery charger w/8 2700 mAh

The Maha Power Ex MH-C9000 Wizard One Battery Charger & Analyzer was announced in November of 2006.

Maha Powerex MH-C800S Eht AA/AAA Smart Charger

This device was certainly desned by Maha to compete against the very popular La Crosse BC-900 Alpha Power Battery Charger/Analyzer.

Powerex mh-c9000 battery charger manual:

Rating: 89 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates