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Everytime I have a memory stick (I have three of them) in there, it only lets me take one picture and then says, NO MEMORY SPACE, which isn't true! It was fine for the longest time and then this just suddenly started happening. I'm not sure I even knew my camera HAD an internal memory thing? I have 2 sony memory sticks with around 50 pics each and on my camara i can see them but when i put the memory sticks in to the scan disk thingy thing nothing comes up at all.

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And it does this with all three sticks and I know they're empty. I do have a third stick and it works just fine.....i need major help i have some of my wedding pics on it and i want them...

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that's probably the problem with your memory stick.

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After 6 minutes, the camera announces that the buffer is full, and after that if I try to take pictures or do anything, I just get a flashing file error or file formatting error. that happened with a memory stick i was dealing with. i plugged it in and in the folder there were a bunch of leftover crap on it.

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