Michigan evidence courtroom manual

The Basics of iPad Trial Evidence Presentation Trial

The Manual explaining how to connect to a courtroom's Crestron Wireless Presentation System is available 2.

Juror Manual - 55th District Court - Ingham

Email the sned form to [email protected] least three business days prior to the hearing date.

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Litating undue influence - written material for WCPC 9-28-16

Electronic trial evidence presentation tools are constantly evolving and offering new features for attorneys to employ at trial.

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In the alternative, the form may be dropped off at Court Administration on the first floor of the courthouse at least three business days prior to the hearing date. Any technology provided by the Washtenaw County Trial Court is done as a courtesy and the Court is not responsible for any failure of the equipment or the users failure to properly operate the equipment.

Michigan evidence courtroom manual:

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