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If the entry is determined to be a telephone number, display an appropriate message, along with the separate substrings that compose the telephone number without the dashes.

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If the entry is not a telephone number, then display a message as to the reason why the entry is not a valid telephone number, clear the Text Box control and set focus to the Text Box control. Here are a few hints to help you code the String methods: 1. All you have to do is look for where it says "Save A Copy" on your browser's pdf and click there.

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Our members have put together this great resource for beginner and expert programmers. Our quick reference sheets include syntax and information for commonly used tasks, syntax, and more! Desn and develop a program that validates the value a user enters into a Text Box control to ensure that the entry is a valid telephone number.

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Also can you show me the aplication example of what it should look like.

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