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My longwinded questions are; how did I hook this up wrong, is there likely something wrong with the new Hunter, and MOST importantly, will there be anything screwed up on my AC unit when it ran for 13 minutes in 25F degree weather. Mark Usually there is a 24 volt AC transformer in the furnace with the secondary winding connected to a red wire running to the thermostat and a blue wire, common, to the gas valve, A/C relay, and fan relay.

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So I hooked into Rh with what was the "4" and left it jumpered.

<strong>Hunter</strong> Thermostat Instructions 44260 -

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It looked like everything went all rht, switches in back correct, other wires correct, etc.

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It looked the heat hot came into a spot labeled "4". So when I hooked up the Hunter programmable 44360, there was already a jumper between Rc and Rh.

Hunter 44300a installation manual:

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