Free samsung sf110t fax service manual

Free samsung sf110t fax

When someone (maybe you) answers the , your machine sends out beeps for up to 55 seconds, and waits for the remote password to be entered. To operate your machine from a remote phone, you need to enter a five-character password.

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The remote password is preset to #139# at the factory. If the correct password is entered, the machine plays the newly recorded message. When the playback is complete, you hear a short beep. SYSTEM DATA 4.6 CHAPTER FOUR : THE ANSWERING MACHINE EURO(M)-Chapter 4 3/26/98 PM Page 8 THE ANSWERING MACHINE 3 Press START/COPY. The remote password is preset at the factory to O#139#O but you can change it to any number you want. Accessing the Machine your fax number from a touch-tone telephone.

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Download Samsung SF 110T Fax Machine manual and Samsung SF 110T Fax.

You can then enter another remote command to perform another operation. If there is no key input or a wrong password is entered while the machine sends out beeps, the machine releases the line. v A pulse line works only if you can switch the phone to tone dialing.

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Turning the Transfer Feature On or Off 2 Press 3. If you can, switch it to tone after you dial the fax number but before entering any remote codes.

Free samsung sf110t fax service manual:

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