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Steerable tail wheel add to the rudder, no more wheel linkage with with rudder3.

Fieseler Fi-156C Storch V2 - Maxford USA

Gull-shaped winglet is not pre-glued for safe shipping4. Special desned ailerons allow maximum throw setup5. Steerable tail wheel We have listened, and we now assure you: Any and all CA hinges in our current stock are either fully preglued at both ends or require that you, the builder of the ARF, apply the CA adhesive to both ends during assembly.

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Servos are not pre-installed, customer could choose the name brand they like5. If you have an ARF with a CA hinge preglued at the factory, and if you want an extra measure of security in the hinge’s strength, insert and cut off a straht-pin centered in each half of the hinge, through the airplane’s wooden structure, the CA hinge, and the wood on the other side of the wooden structure, then apply a drop of CA adhesive or clear nail polish to secure each end of the cut off pin.

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Some plywood parts in Version 1 are replaced by composite parts Wingspan: 63"Overall length: 40"Ready to fly weht: about 2 lbs 14 oz Prop: 11x6, 11x7Motor Required: Uranus 35425 or same size brusess motor, Battery Required: 3S 2100 m Ah Li-Po Radio Required: 5ch, 6 mini servos (not include)Special Features:1.

Fox float rc manual:

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