Best gas mileage manual cars

Best and Worst Fuel Economy Vehicles

Government regulators have environmental laws to enforce, so they have to push automotive engineers to constantly come up with new fuel efficient cars.

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Then, when gas prices get hher (whether a temporary spike or a permanent rise), the best mpg cars are likely to get a lot of attention from new car buyers.

Good <strong>Gas</strong> <strong>Mileage</strong> <strong>Manual</strong> <strong>Cars</strong>

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Manufacturers are still developing new ways to squeeze as much power as possible from a gasoline engine, even as the engines themselves get smaller and more efficient.

Best & Worst Fuel Economy for Cars, SUVs, and Trucks

That’s why the list of top 10 best gas mileage cars is always changing, because automotive manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to keep outdoing themselves and each other.

Best gas mileage manual cars:

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