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E-Throttle is absolutely atrocious and unpredictable. Once I turn the A/C on in the late spring, it stays on until October, because it takes two days to re-learn how to drive the terrible E-throttle and jumpy engine when you toggle between A/C on and off - the engine response is different to the point of multiple personalities.

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I bought a new 2012 accord only have 29000 miles on it i have to replace the power steering pump 3 rack and pinion 2 times.thank God it was under warrenty so i didnt have to pay out of my i cant belive it happend to me that many times in 3 years. No torque, with flat spots and hesitation everywhere.

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5-speed manual has had a crunchy 1-2 shift since new - I'm not a rookie driver.

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We finally decided to replace my wife's 2001 Camry she always wanted a Honda and took standard 10 minute tes drive she loved it.

2012 honda accord sedan user manual:

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